elliot + ava + lucy . little bro & twin sisters {chattanooga family photographers}

The last time this little guy was on the blog was his birth. He is all grown up now at a rip ole age of 6 months:) This smiley happy mini faux hawked little guy has two twin rambunctious big sisters that have made an appearance here several several times. I love this family of five and could photography them any day of the week. I love their generous and genuine love for each other. Their silliness and fun is more than contagious. Spend one day with this family and you will fall in love yourself. Love you all!!!

Here is your slideshow!! :)

Mr. Elliot, straight up from a nap and happy as could be!

Lucy found one of my boots and the creative girl that she is, turned it into a rainproof hat!! :)

Smiley Ava stepped into some lovely window light :)

 I. Could. Eat. You. Up.

Man time :)

Elliot is all into his feet and rumor says he likes to suck on his toes! :)



The girls were very into their cameras. Here, Lucy takes a picture of me taking a picture of her. She’s too cute!

This mama loves her big guy!!

 How funny is Ava doing her own photo session with her mommy and little bro?



love this shot of you Jodi! You are so pretty!!

Okay, so these cameras also have games on them…fun overload!

little buttons, little fingers, beautiful eyelashes!

Oh Elliot and your girls :)

 The guys have to have their man time to keep up with all the ladies in the house :)

Such great helpers in the kitchen!

Yep, these guys are roasting their own beans…they are that cool!! :)


Sometimes girls can be dramatic. Face it ladies…we all have times where we want to bury our face in our hands prostrate on the kitchen floor, right? :)

 Nom Nom Nom! Again, I could gobble you!!!


…and here your mommy did just that!! :)

Yes, a little more drama, but even very very sweet two and a half year olds can be a little dramatic sometimes :)

Lucy holds her little bro who is quickly becoming as big as her! :)

The drama has diminished and Ava is back with a great big smile!!!

A very very chill laid back dude!

Tickle time!!



Tickle time quickly turned into wrestling!! :)





Tickle Monster…. :)





 Quiet coloring while the girls waited on lunch.


Cutie gets some yummy lunch!






Ring around the roses while Elliot expects the blades of grass in the yard!! :)

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