keri + andy . engaged {chattanooga engagement photographer}

Travelers and adventure seekers, Mexican food and sushi lovers, these two are a perfect blend of perfection! Said perfection most definitely includes their one of a kind original engagement story. I am not sure how Andy came up with this idea but it is seriously the most original amazing engagement story I have ever heard! While in Chicago for a weekend getaway these game board lovers played the most unique game you will ever see. Pictured below, Andy created a custom board game just for he and Kerri. Each game card is a throw back to Keri and Andy’s amazing date history and also states how many spaces to propel each game piece forward. Andy so graciously sequenced the cards so that Keri would be the first to reach the game board moon that so cleverly disguised a little box holding her engagement ring. Seriously, could this be any more personable and amazing!! I love all the attention Andy paid to the details. This is definitely an engagement idea that should go down in the record books.

You slideshow awaits here.

Hope you love your engagement photos!! Very excited for your August wedding Andy and Keri!






























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