prepping for baby wiese

Jimmy and I have known Tara since our first days back in Lockmiller Dorms on UTC campus. Our lives have changed so crazy much since those college days over a decade ago, but Tara is still her very very sweet self. She and hubbie, Jeff are now expecting a sweet little girl in just a couple short weeks. Can’t wait to meet her! You two are going to be amazing parents!!!

PS: Tara, pregnancy looks really really good on you!!!

HERE is your slideshow :)

There is a time in pregnancy when its gets a bit difficult to put your shoes on. Been there, done that :)

Tara has already fallen in love with several little outfits that her little girl will wear very soon.

Tara’s beautiful smile admiring an adorable quilt one of her friends made for baby Wiese.

Tara’s childhood care bear.

Jeff has already been practicing swaddling. This gesture is absolutely adorable!

He even challenged Tara to a swaddling match.

Jeff won :) I guess that practicing has paid off.

Reading to baby Wiese :)

Could Sperrys get any cuter?!?

Tara’s grandmother started on this quilt many years ago. It means so very much to Tara!

Baby Wiese, you college fund has been started!

Best dogs ever!!!

Love this vintage liquor cabinet!!!

Tara got adorably excited when I agreed to let her make me a drink. She said that making someone a drink while pregnant is just as good as being able to drink it!

The deliciousness that Tara concocted!

Me and my beverage :)

What Tara calls parallel play… :)

Those gorgeous pups again!

High five baby!

Yep, we went to a nearby cemetery for some shots. :)

These two are so amazing together and I can not wait to see them with their baby girl!! :)









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  1. Sandra says:

    Tara, LOVED this!!!! So happy to see the little jumper I gave her. You look great. Can’t wait till she’s here. I told your Dad I’d bring him to see you, if he can’t drive because of his eye surgery. Love you girl! Praying for all three of you. Hope everything goes as well as your pregnancy has. Love, Sandra

  2. Tracy Nagy says:

    I love love love your belly pictures!! You will be so glad you have these!

  3. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful Mommy! LOVE their house as well! Great pics Brittany!

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