ike . 9 months old {chattanooga family photographers}

I love love loved their maternity session and after 9 months in the belly and 9 months out of the belly we got to meet at last! Ike is a cutie! He isn’t walking on his own just yet, but he loves to take steps while holding his mommy and daddy’s hand. I think he would literally walk to the end of the earth and back using this method of travel. Ike, let’s meet again soon!! Lots of Love!


HERE is your slideshow!! :)
























Ike’s mommy said, “Things I love at 9 months:
His sly smile
His 2 bottom teeth
When he reaches behind to make sure I’m still there
When he waves his finger and babbles
His army crawl
His love of walking and climbing stairs
Loving bath-time
When he gives a hug by cuddling for a minute
How He mashes everything with his thumb

Geez, what’s not to love at this age :)”







































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