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reid . one year old {chattanooga family photographers}

July 30th, 2012

Pointing out facial features, blowing kisses and giving kisses are just a couple of things you will witness often while hanging around this newly one year old little guy. He of course thinks all of it is hilarious too. He is such a little cutie and full of so much love and excitement for life. […]


Pointing out facial features, blowing kisses and giving kisses are just a couple of things you will witness often while hanging around this newly one year old little guy. He of course thinks all of it is hilarious too. He is such a little cutie and full of so much love and excitement for life. This family is constantly radiating love and happiness!! It has been oh so much fun documenting this first year of Reid’s life!!!

Your slideshow!! :)

I could eat this smiley face up!!!


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shannon + bamaker . pregnancy journaling {a week by week project}

July 24th, 2012

Welcome to a little side project I am doing with my sweet, witty and beautiful friend Shannon! :) She is pregnant with her 2nd bambino. I was up for a new project and she was up for some week by week documentation of her pregnancy. Thank you so much for obliging, Shannon! This is going […]


Welcome to a little side project I am doing with my sweet, witty and beautiful friend Shannon! :) She is pregnant with her 2nd bambino. I was up for a new project and she was up for some week by week documentation of her pregnancy. Thank you so much for obliging, Shannon! This is going to be so much fun! So, I will let the journaling and the photos tell the full story, but wanted to say we are so excited for Steve, Shannon and Foy with the impending addition to their family! Yay!!


Jett has arrived!!! Huge congrats Steve, Shannon and Foy!!! Jett is absolutely freakin’ adorable!!! This has been such an incredibly fun project! I am so glad we did it. PS: Shannon you look ridiculously gorgeous!!! Love you guys!!


Week 39:
Your Uncle Mike is in town to help around the house and see some of his Chattanooga friends. He is living in Memphis so we don’t get to see him as much as we would like, but when we do he is so much fun. (You may remember a previous post about our trip to Memphis and the cardboard version of Uncle Mike)
The other night I think you wanted ice cream in a bad way because I wanted it too. I kept asking Uncle Mike and your Daddy, “Does anyone else want some ice cream?” in hopes that someone would say “YES!” but they said, “No, I’m okay.” Usually I can fight the craving with some fruit or something sweet, but this time the craving did not go away. Finally Uncle Mike said he would be right back with some ice cream for me. What I did not know was that he would return with the most heavenly pint EVER! Ben and Jerry’s “Everything but the…” This decadent flavor includes chocolate and vanilla ice cream, Heath bar chunks, white chocolate chunks, peanut butter cups and chocolate covered almonds…need I say more?! Ben and Jerry’s sure know how to make a pregnant woman happy!
I think the bigger my belly gets the more excited Foy has gotten. He has been talking to you a lot before he goes to bed and every time he leaves for school he kisses my belly and says, “Bye Jett!” He amazes me everyday. I didn’t anticipate his excitement and involvement. It makes your Daddy and I so happy!
One more week Jett! See you soon!
Week 38:
With all the craziness of moving and preparing for your arrival, Foy has been wonderful. We wanted to let him know what a great big brother he already is by getting him a special gift. So Foy and I went to the store and picked out some super cool headphones that he can listen to music with. He LOVES them! I put my iPhone on the Kids Pandora station and he told me he wanted to listen to Mommy and Daddy music instead. So I put it on a mix of Coldplay, Ben Folds, and the Beatles. He sat on the couch for about 45 minutes intently listening to all the music. Your brother never ceases to amaze me!
The other thing we got at the store was a special gift for you Jett! Foy picked out a super soft giraffe that he can’t wait to give you. We have it ready in a gift bag to take to the hospital. It could be any day now!
Since you both got a special gift I treated myself to a special Mommy gift. I got a new pair of Saucony shoes! I have been wearing my old worn out pair almost everyday since they are the most comfortable to have on right now. Plus they fit my special orthotics that help my back feel better. So I ordered a fancy new pink and grey pair that I love! They help me keep up with your little brother these last couple of weeks as well! And just two more Pure Romance parties left before I have you. I can’t believe you will be here so soon!
Week 37:
The BIG move happened this week! In the past we have just rented a Uhaul and completed the move ourselves with wonderful friends that have volunteered to help. This time decided since I would be in my third trimester it would be best to hire movers to pack us, move us, and unpack us. What a relief! Moving is still tough no matter how you look at it, but it was SO much easier than any other move!
Your Aunt Megan was so generous to stay with us for a few days to help. She took Foy to the park and was there for whatever we needed. I was so thankful that she took charge of getting your nursery together. She took all the clothes, blankets, and accessories and organized them by age after washing everything! She was such a huge help!
We also received a HUGE box of goodies from our cousins in Vermont for your nursery. Your cousin Zyler gave us his crib set which goes perfect with your room. It even has little jets on it! Cousin T. also sent some maternity pajamas and lots of cute boy clothes for you. I was incredibly thankful for the pj’s because my belly is so big now, it doesn’t fit comfortably in any of my pajamas or Daddy’s boxers, which I had been wearing!
Just a few more short weeks and we will get to meet you Jett! We are beyond excited!
Week 36:
My thoughtful Pure Romance family threw us a shower in celebration of your arrival. We had a wonderful time swimming, laughing, and eating lots of good food. Although we have lots of great clothes for you it was so fun to receive some things that we need like nursing and eating supplies. Some friends brought gifts that were monogrammed with your name on it! That was so fun to see, especially since we didn’t know if Foy was a boy or girl so we didn’t have much with his name on it. Seeing your name written everywhere makes it that much more real that you will be here soon! Now we are just preparing for the big move back to our old house where we will have a special room for you!
This pregnancy with you has been so different in so many ways than with Foy. One major difference is the weather! This week in Chattanooga we had record-breaking temperatures in the 100’s! That is not fun for anyone, much less a pregnant woman carrying an extra 25 pounds and providing the blood supply for two to boot! I must admit though, that I have enjoyed being pregnant in the summer thanks to being more active and getting to wear cute sundresses. It was difficult to find flattering maternity outfits in the middle of winter!
I think the biggest difference between being pregnant with you vs. Foy is that our family has made positive lifestyle choices in the past couple years that have made this pregnancy easier. Your daddy and I have always been fairly active people, but we still made many poor choices in our diet. Two years ago we both started getting more serious about making changes in our life. Foy has kept us busy riding bikes, playing any sport possible, and we knew we wanted to have another baby. We couldn’t imagine trying to keep up with two high-energy kids so your Daddy and I both started to explore ways to change our diet and exercise. We did a program called P90X and started eating lean meats, more veggies, and drinking less alcohol. We toned up, lost some inches and felt pretty good! We both enjoyed that process, but after going through the P90X once we got bored. We resorted to running, spin classes, or whatever caught our eye, but nothing that was consistent. Our diet ebbed and flowed and poor choices slowly crept in again.
Then your Daddy was asked to do some work for the Cross Fit Brigade. Part of the deal was a membership to the gym. We had never tried Cross Fit, but had heard it was intense and the ultimate in physical fitness. (What is Cross Fit? ) After just three workouts at Cross Fit your Daddy and I were hooked. We canceled our membership to our previous gym and started going to CFB consistently three to four times a week. We felt great and it was incredible to see how all other aspects of our life seemed to be enhanced from the confidence we gained from Cross Fit. I believe our businesses grew because we felt better and could focus more after getting our workouts in. I have been doing Cross Fit throughout my pregnancy with you, but scaled back of course! I have also felt stronger and more confident through these past eight months. I know that my hard work will pay off in recovering from the C-section and getting back to pre-pregnancy body so I can keep up with you and your big brother!
Not only has Cross Fit helped with our overall physical fitness, but there has also been great support with our diet. Last fall your Daddy and I did the “Paleo Challenge” with several other people at the gym. (What is the Paleo Diet?) We have continued to eat primarily Paleo, if not Gluten Free. Foy is learning about “Eating Like a Dinosaur” too! He knows that he eats a little different than his friends, but that it will help him feel stronger and breathe better. Foy has had some allergy and asthma issues in the past, but since eating a gluten free diet he has had much fewer problems.
Our hopes are to continue to eat clean so we can stay around longer for you and Foy! We eat a lot of local meat, fruits, and veggies. We try to avoid grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, and gluten. We have never felt this good with our diet – not with the P90X diet or eating vegetarian. Whenever someone tells me I look great for being eight months pregnant I want to share with them that we work hard to eat right and exercise. it seems cliché’, but it is true! I want to say, “You can do it too!” You just have to make some changes and become a planner in what you will eat for the week! I hope that others will find ways to feel better through diet and exercise. It is amazing what a difference it makes in your quality of life!
So, let’s compare the pregnancy with Foy vs. Jett:
Exercise – Sporadic, some water aerobics, swimming, yoga
Diet – Lots of grains, eggs, and dairy, mostly organic. Not much meat. I loved toast with peanut butter and often had that as a late night snack!
Favorite Splurge – Sweets! Cake, pie, chocolate, you name it!
Total Weight Gain – Mommy gained 40 lbs. Daddy gained 20 lbs.
Exercise – 2 to 3 times per week consistently, Cross Fit, swimming, yoga, riding bike
Diet – Primarily Paleo or Gluten Free. Lots of eggs, avocados, spinach, veggies, local grass fed meats, and fruit. Love celery with Almond Butter.
Favorite Splurge – Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate! Yummy. Occasionally splurge with a piece of pizza, popcorn, or dessert item.
Total Weight Gain – Mommy has gained 25 lbs with three weeks to go. Daddy has stayed the same!
Let’s see photo proof of me at 35 weeks pregnant with both Foy and Jett!



We had another visit with Dr. Barker today. He said that we both look healthy and things are going well! We discussed the c-section option again and based on the measurements that he has taken from the ultrasound you are smaller than Foy was at this time. He anticipates you being about 7 pounds 12-ish ounces if you keep growing at the rate you are. Foy was 8 pounds 3 ounces and had a head that was 95 percentile in circumference making it hard to fit through my “heart shaped” pelvis!

So while Dr. Barker said that yes, you may be smaller in size, but my pelvis is still of concern since it hasn’t changed shape. I decided to go ahead and schedule a c-section date for Monday, August 6th. That is two days past your due date. Most doctors try to schedule c-sections the week prior to the due date and that made me nervous. I want to make sure that you are fully “cooked” and have the time that you need to be ready to greet the world! Some babies are delivered early and their lungs are not fully developed or the due date was off and they aren’t ready yet. Dr. Barker agreed that this was a great idea and as we get closer to the due date we will be in contact if I should start labor earlier.

Knowing that this date is on the books is makes it more real! Now we just have a couple more weeks until we can move back into the Lawson Street house so we can get your nursery ready and have everything in place for you!

Week 33


Once again, I am SO thankful for my job! I got to spend six days in paradise at the Ritz Carlton for the Senior Board of Directors trip. It was relaxing, inspiring, productive, and much needed!

Pure Romance flew me to Naples along with other ladies from around the world. We planned for the upcoming year, but also managed to have many days and nights of fun and girl time. One of my favorite parts about the trip was the networking! This was another chance for me to pick brains of other mommies to learn how and what they do to balance family and their businesses.

I wanted to ask others about nursing – this was a BIG concern of mine. I nursed your brother until he was about 20 months old. I want to be able to do the same with you, but I am worried about pumping enough and keeping my milk production up. Luckily there were two mommies on the trip that were pumping the ENTIRE time we were there. They had a system to keep the milk in the freezer and then had a cooler ready to transport the milk back home so their babies would have milk when they had parties or meetings! Wow. I was impressed! They both were eager to give me tips like to have one pump for the car and one already set up at home. Genius!

There were also 5 other ladies that were pregnant on this trip! Four of us were due within a few weeks of each other! Needless to say it was amusing when the four of us were hanging out in the ocean. People smiled and gave us kind looks, but they didn’t want to join us in the water for fear that they may become pregnant too! We had a great time sharing stories and taking lots of belly pictures.

The last, and most definitely not the least Super Mom I was able to interview was the CEO of Pure Romance, Patty Brisben. She has always been an inspiration to many, but to Moms out there she is amazing. She built a multi-million dollar company while raising four children…as a single mom! Her advice was similar to Amy Neal’s – when mommy has to work it is time for special playtime! She would set up a little picnic in the TV room and would play special movies for her children on Sunday evenings when she had to make calls or work in her office.

Patty’s family is still at the forefront of her business. It is obvious that family was and still is most important to her. Family is ultimately what drove her to be so successful. She wanted the best for them and she would communicate that to them often. Even if she had to work her kids knew that it was ultimately for them. I am thankful to be a part of her extended family through Pure Romance because I know that she wants the best for all of us! I know that is why she is so successful, because she continues to put others first and strives to help others lead better lives

Week 32:

Aunt MeMe is back! After a year at sea your Aunt Megan (aka MeMe) is back in the United States. She was a performer on a cruise ship and got to travel all over the world. As wonderful as it was she was excited to come back and be around when it is time for you to get here! We went down to Jimma and Papa’s in Canton, Georgia for a visit to see Aunt Megan and Aunt Suzanne. Uncle Todd had to work, but we managed to have fun without him! We all went to the pool and had a relaxing time. Jimma, Megan, Suzanne, and I went to have a pedicure at the spa. This was very relaxing, especially when they massaged my feet. Ahhhh…that is one of my favorite things, pregnant or not!

In preparation for your arrival I have been talking to some other moms of two that own their own business. I want to try to get as much advice in this department as possible! When I had your brother I had a hard time balancing my work schedule while being a new mom. I was caught up in having a new baby and trying to figure many things out as I went along. In the past four years I have learned to be more purposeful with my time so that I can have as much time with family as possible, but still be able to work my Pure Romance business to the fullest.

I hear many working moms talk about that struggle of feeling like they should be home with their baby. But due to bills, work, or owning their own business, they can’t be “stay at home” moms like they wish they could. Then there are other mommies, like myself that just may go a little crazy if they don’t work! When I had Foy Boy your Daddy and I talked about me staying home full time. It seemed like a good idea, but something didn’t feel quite right. I loved being with Foy as much as possible, but I also enjoyed that outlet that my Pure Romance business gave me. Ultimately it was all about our family in the end. If I still worked part time we could take another vacation or put a little more into your college fund. I really enjoyed being able to contribute to our family! I also think that in getting my time outside of the house I am a much better Mommy!

This week I took another Mommy of two out to lunch to pick her brain on some tips of being a successful mother and business owner. Amy Neal has two boys that are now in their teens, but when they were little she was able to run her business while staying at home with them. I have always looked up to Amy as a business owner because she seemed to have that balance and composure that every Mom longs to have! I had to know what her secrets were in staying motivated, keeping her sanity, and raising her two boys with compassion. Her suggestions?

1. Become a Master Planner – know your schedule way ahead of time to be prepared! And this is to prepare your boys on what is going to happen. We agreed that small children thrive on a routine schedule. Eating, playing, and especially sleeping are all things that, when put into a schedule can help ease that babies concern of what will come next.
2. How do I do this?! Babywise. A book that was recommended by many Moms to me before with Foy, but I could not bring myself to try the “Cry It Out” method to teach babies how to self-soothe. The result with Foy was ten months of me being a pacifier to help him go to sleep. Not good. Finally we used the “CIO” method and Foy became a great sleeper! He was so much happier…as were daddy and I!
3. Phone time is fun time! When Mommy needs to work, the fun and special toys come out of a special box. I thought this was genius!
4. Step OVER the laundry and dirty house to get to your office to work. The laundry can wait. It is not the end of the world!

I was so thankful for Amy to spend time with me. As soon as I got home I ordered “Babywise” and looked forward to becoming a Master Planner and Super Mommy like Amy!

Week 31:

Just TEN more weeks! We cannot believe that you will be here soon! This week was filled with preparation for you. We met with movers and contractors at our Lawson Street house to get some final touches made for when we move back in. Thankfully the movers are going to help us pack, move us, then help us un-pack and put stuff where it goes! I am so excited about that since we won’t be moving in until July 9th and you are due August 4th!
The rest of the time we had this week was spent working or at the ball fields. Foy was invited to be on the “All Star” Baseball Team! While this is a big commitment on time we didn’t want to deprive Foy of being able to play. He loves to play baseball and we figured that if he wasn’t playing on the team he would be dragging Daddy outside to play catch or hit anyway!

Week 30:

Another road trip adventure! This time we went to upstate NY to see family and to go to cousin Tim’s wedding (where we learned that Foy has quite the dance moves!) Foy LOVES going on adventures, especially when it is in “BaBa’s truck.” Baba’s truck is an RV with lots of room to hang out, sleep, and play while we are on the road.
We all loaded up in BaBa’s truck and headed to NY for a week long trip. We got to see cousins, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents. Foy was such a great traveler! He said he thinks that you will like traveling in BaBa’s truck too! Especially since you get to go so many different places to do so many fun things!

Week 29:

So last week I could tell my blood was pumping harder when trying to get around. This week I had my first case of “sausage feet!” I was on my feet all day and my socks were a little tight around my ankles so when I took them off I had a nice ring around them with plump toes and feet to match! Needless to say I will make sure I take time to prop my feet up and not wear tight socks anymore!
You are the size of a cabbage now, but the size of the belly is a different story! I am quickly approaching the size of a basketball!

Week 28:

At about 2.5 pounds you are kicking more and more everyday! I am starting to feel your kicking a lot more frequently, especially when your Daddy talks to you at night before we go to bed. Apparently you can distinguish our voices now so Daddy, Foy and I have been trying to talk to you more so that when we finally get to meet you, you will know who we are!

I am starting to feel a little more out of breath these days because my blood flow is increasing to make sure you have enough too! I am taking more breaks going up the stairs, working out, and just walking. Now that I am in the third trimester I have noticed too that naps are a must again. I am not near as tired as the first trimester, but I still get sleepy right around 1:30pm. Once again your Daddy comes to the rescue in making sure that I get my naps in. He is so helpful with Foy and making sure that I can lay down for a cat nap each day. I am definitely blessed to have such a wonderful husband! We are both so thankful to have jobs that let us have flexibility with our schedule too!

Week 27:

TO C or not to C…that is the question! C-Section that is!
This pregnancy has definitely been very different from your brother’s in many ways. Your Daddy and I have a calm about us that wasn’t there before. We had no idea what we were in for when Foy came into our lives so we tried to armor ourselves with all the knowledge possible. I read SO many pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, and baby books when I was pregnant with Foy! We also took the 12 week Bradley Method Class to prepare for a natural birth. With you though Jett, I have not read one book or taken a class about Motherhood yet! Sometimes you have to just go with your instincts in what you think is best and I think that is what your Daddy and I have decided to do with you.
When we were pregnant with Foy we decided to try to do a natural birth with a mid-wife. After 38 hours of labor with no drugs, we knew that Foy was not going to come out the natural way. It was okay that we had to have a C-section because I knew we tried everything we could! Come to find out, your brother has a big head and your mommy has different shaped pelvis!
The doctor that helped deliver Foy turns out to be one of the few doctors in town that will perform a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC). He told us from the beginning that he would love nothing more for us to have a successful VBAC, but chances are you will be similar in size and not much will change with the shape of my pelvis. We all decided to take the decision seriously, but to wait as you progressed so we knew for sure if we would attempt a VBAC or not.
This past week we had our visit with Dr. Barker where he measured your body as much as he could – the size of your head, guesstimate on weight, and length of your body. You are a healthy size Baby Jett! If you keep growing at this rate you will be about a high seven-pound. That is just a little under what your brother weighed.
At this point in the pregnancy we are still waiting a little longer to decide whether or not to have a c-section. While we would love nothing more than to have the benefits of a natural childbirth we have to weigh the potential outcomes on your health and mine.

Stay tuned Baby Jett and keep kicking, growing, and thriving like you are! No matter how you get here we will ensure that you are safe and loved which are the most important things!

Week 26:
WOO HOO!! Third Trimester here we are! I think I have gained about 18 pounds despite the fact that you are only 2 pounds Jett! I have had a burst of growth in the belly and I hear lots of funny comments, “WOW…You aren’t due until August?!” or “You look like you’ve been eating watermelons and sprouted one in your belly!” That was one of my favorites.
The weather is getting warmer and I am hoping the summer heat will hold off for a bit! We are outside a lot these days playing (um, or watching) baseball with Foy. He is having so much fun playing for his first season! He has been playing catcher for most games and he even hit his first in park home run in his game the other night! He got to keep the game ball and he was so proud!

We also went to Seaside, Florida for a quick family getaway this week. Your Daddy and I have been married for SEVEN years!! We decided the best way to celebrate was to go to the beach for a few days with Foy. We had a blast! We went swimming at the pool and beach. We rode bikes and even went and rode go-carts! (well…I was watching again) We can’t wait to take you there in the fall. We may need to make it an annual trip because it was just so relaxing and so much fun!

Week 25:
At almost 1.5 pounds and roughly the size of a squash, I am starting to feel the aches and pains of adjusting to the new weight of this basketball belly! The same thing happened with your brother about this time. My hips are sore by the end of the day and I need to make sure I am taking time to rest as I am used to being on the go!
Luckily we have our friend Dr. Aaron Russak from Innovative Chiropractic and he helps get me in line again after being on my feet all day! I have had to see him a few more times than usual the past couple of weeks just to make sure that I am adjusted accordingly.
The past few weeks have been very busy because I have been traveling all over to do trainings for the Pure Romance University program. We went to Wisconsin and Minnesota last week and this week is Knoxville and Norfolk, Virginia. I have so much fun meeting ladies from all over and being a part of the training team, but I am careful not to overdo it! I have been taking lots of naps and cut back on work at home to make sure that we are both healthy!

Week 24:
Foy and your Daddy finally got to feel you kicking! Every night he has been saying good night to you and many times you would kick in response, but not hard enough for him to feel through my belly. But last night you made it clear you heard him! He felt a good kick and was so excited! Foy has felt you kick a couple of times too, but he is not as patient as Daddy is to hang out with a hand on my belly.

Your grandpa Hanrahan (aka Baba) also felt a great kick from you! We were sitting at the computer going over tax stuff (yay!) and you kicked SO hard you made me jump! I quickly put Baba’s hand on my belly so he could feel and just in time you made another swift kick! Well done!

Week 23:
Foy Boy joined me for my Doctors appointment today and we got to see you moving around on the Ultrasound! Foy thought that was pretty cool. He got to take a picture of you to school to show his teachers too! The doctor said you are growing well and within 3 days of your due date. I have been feeling great and managing to get good sleep and exercise.

According to the pregnancy tracker you are about the size of a mango! Your taste buds are forming and most of your internal organs are formed and functioning.

Week 22:
Jett, you are starting to grow quicker and Mommy is showing more and more! You are about a pound, the length of a banana, and you can hear voices when we try to talk to you! Since I have told your Daddy this he has started to talk to you just before we go to bed. The other night he sang to you and you started kicking when he did! It was not quite strong enough for him to feel yet, but I could feel you kicking away!

You have lots of great clothes waiting for you that your big brother wore when he was a baby. We have been going through some of them and it is a relief to not have to buy new clothes for you! However, since you will be born in the summer and Foy was born in the winter there are a few seasonal differences so I couldn’t help getting you a pack of onsies that were too cute! They have a little monster on them and Foy helped me pick them out so we couldn’t pass that up! It was fun to buy the first outfit for you. I cannot wait to see you in it!

Week 21:

The name game was tough! Your brother was named Foy because it is a family name (Your “Pam-Peg’s” maiden name) and Patrick is your Baba & Great Grampy’s middle name. We wanted a meaningful name for you too.

We found a great middle name first…”Hutson.” That was your Great Grandmother’s maiden name (Papa Hamaker’s Mother). Plus we thought it sounded pretty cool!

From there we had all kinds of first names: Finn, Bray, and of course Foy’s previous suggestion of “Biscuit.” Nothing sounded right…not even Biscuit!

One day your Grandma Hamaker (aka Jimma), Daddy, Foy, and I were driving and talking about different names when Foy shouted out, “It’s Jett Hamaker!” We all went silent and I said, “Jett?” and he said, “Yes, the baby’s name is Jett!” After a minute or two we all kind of agreed that that was a fun name. “Jett Hutson Hamaker” did have a ring to it! From then on Foy has been referring to you as “Baby Jett!”

One day Foy was playing with his babysitter, Colleen. I was working in the other room and noticed that they were very quiet. When I went into the living room they had transformed a box into a spaceship that said “Foy & Jett” on the side! Colleen said, “So I hear the baby’s name is Jett?!” Apparently so!

Your big brother has taken such pride in your name that it would be hard to change it now! “JETT HUTSON HAMAKER” it is! With a name like that you are destined for greatness!

Week 20:


Your Daddy and I had a fun little getaway to Las Vegas for the annual Pure Romance Convention. Foy got to stay with “Jimma and Papa” for a few days while we were gone. He always has such a fun time staying at their house and they love having Foy-time as much as I think it wears them out!

It was nice for Daddy and I to get away for a bit to relax, especially since we have both been working so hard! Pure Romance kept us busy with lots of training and events, but we did manage to find some time to walk on the strip, see the Bellagio Fountains (those are my favorite!), and lay by the pool. Mommy was recognized for her sales in 2011 and for making the Senior Board of Directors! This is a big deal since there are only 19 Sr. Board Members in the entire company! It was a fun time to celebrate lots of successes from ladies all over the world. Each year it feels like a family reunion more than a work trip!

I was worried that I would be tired walking so much and attending all the events, but I managed to get good sleep and I felt wonderful! You seemed to like traveling too, especially when we were taking off and landing in the airplane…there was a lot of kicking going on!

Overall we had a wonderful time, but by the fourth day we were ready to get back to see your brother. We missed him very much! When we got back Foy ran up and gave me the biggest hug and kiss and said he missed me…then he hugged my belly, kissed it and said he missed you too!

We have a family rule that if someone goes out of town they bring a present back for the family. Daddy and I found the perfect gift for Foy, a pirate shield, sword, and dagger to go with his pirate costume! He loved it and immediately put on his costume to try out the shield.

Week 19:
YOU ARE A BOY! We found out today and there is no mistaking it! We are so excited!
Your Daddy and I have been patiently waiting to find out if you were a boy or a girl. It was such a crazy experience for us since we didn’t find out with your brother. It was so much fun to wait the first time, though I’m not sure how we did it! The great thing was we received lots of wonderful gifts that we needed and not just gender specific clothing.
With you we decided to find out so we knew how to better prepare Foy, your nursery, and to either keep Foy’s wonderful clothes and toys for you or pass them along. Looks like we will be keeping all those boxes we have been saving! You have got some great stuff waiting for you!
Foy was excited to find out he has a little brother on the way. He didn’t seem all that surprised when we told him though. I think that is because he has been saying you were going to be a boy all along! He keeps talking about how he is going to teach you how to play baseball and football. He also loves to say hello to you and rub my belly often. He is going to be the best big brother!
We decided to celebrate the big news by getting ice cream and walking around town. Daddy had to work so I told Foy that it was “Mommy and Foy Boy time.” Foy quickly corrected me and said, “No it’s Mommy, Foy Boy, and Baby time!”

Week 18:
We have reached the halfway mark! So hard to believe because the first trimester seemed so long!
There is excitement and anticipation looming in the house because we can’t wait to find out if you are a boy or a girl! We find out in just four days! There are all kinds of speculations…Foy wanted a baby brother at first, but now seems fine with the idea of being a Big Brother no matter what. Both your Daddy and I would love to have a healthy baby whether you are a boy or girl. Friends and family are all taking guesses based on their theories as well.
I do have my own thoughts. My first trimester I was more tired and nauseous than with Foy, although that could be because I am four years older this pregnancy! I also had a dream that you were a girl, but we all know dreams don’t always mean that they will happen.
If you are a boy we have plenty of clothes for you to wear. If you are a girl we have friends that are on stand by with lots of clothes and we will have lots of boy clothes to pass along to someone! Whether you are a boy or girl Bamaker, we will love you immensely and be honored to be your parents.

Week 17:
This week you are the size of an orange Bamaker! According to my “Baby Bump” app on my iPhone you also have eyelashes, fingernails and toenails. I am almost positive that I felt you move when I was settling in to go to sleep one night! I can’t wait until you are big enough for your Daddy and Brother to feel you kick and move!
We had a fun trip to Nashville this week. We went to see our friends, The Lewis’ and they took us to a super cool place called the Lane Motor Museum. They had all kinds of cars from all over the world and throughout history. Foy and Daddy were both in heaven! Foy got to play with his friend Nolen and they ran around looking at all the cars.
After our visit in Nashville we scooted over to Oak Ridge to see “Pam-Peg & BaBa.” (Your grandparents that Foy creatively named) Daddy and I both had to work some so Pam-Peg and BaBa hung out with Foy. They took him on a hike and to the movies. I know they can’t wait to do fun things like that with you too! You are very lucky to have two sets of grandparents that already love you so much and can’t wait to have you here!

Week 16:

FALFY IS HERE! Your Aunt Falfy has been on an “adbenture” (as Foy calls it) since the fall and has been living in California with our cousins. She came back for a visit and we had so much fun! We spent the week catching up with Falfy and playing as much as possible! Foy had missed one of his favorite playmates so he was SO happy to see her. I was also happy to see her not only because I missed her, but because she was a big help with Foy. I was able to get some things done and of course, get my 1:30pm naps in! Even though you are just the size of an apple, my belly is much more noticeable these days. I am running out of breath quicker too!

Week 15:
Happy Valentine’s Day! Whew…what a busy week! My 1:30pm naps were crucial since I had five Pure Romance parties and one training! It is always busy for Valentine’s Day, but I have had even more parties so when you get here I can spend as much time with you as possible. Good thing I love my job and I always have a lot of fun. BUT not as much fun as I will have next week when Aunt Falfy comes to visit next week!

Week 14:
With the help of Foy we have come up with some pretty creative names for you Bamaker! The other night I asked Foy what he wanted to name his baby brother or baby sister and he at first said, “the Doctor will tell us the baby’s name.” He said this so matter of fact as if everyone knows that. I told him that we get to name the baby and his eyes lit up and he started coming up with names. This is what he came up with:
Boys – Sport, Storm, Diego, Biscuit, and Water
Girls – Princess, Sunshine, Madyson (after his best friend), and Fay
It took a while for the girl names because he seems to be convinced that you are going to be a little brother. We shall see about that!
Overall I am feeling well this week! I think the sunshiney days that we have had are helping…that and my daily naps at 1:30pm! No matter where I am I have to lay down, even if for just 30 minutes. It is amazing because I will wake up after a short nap and it feels like I slept for hours! I also have had some serious cravings that were unable to be curbed. For example, there is a restaurant right down the street that I couldn’t drive past yesterday. It is called Champy’s and they have THE best friend chicken and beef tamales. Your Daddy was super excited when he came home and saw the big Champy’s spread for dinner. We all gobbled it up and then sat around and groaned and moaned, it was wonderful! Don’t worry, we will take you there someday!

Week 13:
Bamaker 2.0, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and nothing short of a miracle. Most hear about all the wonderful things that benefit a mother when she is pregnant: the glowing skin, the strong nails and shiny hair. I must however shed some light on the not so pleasant things of the maternal months. In the past week I have had some of these un-pleasantries. Take for example the random black hair that I found on my chin! In talking with some other Moms the hormones sometimes cause unwanted hairs in random places. Yuck. Apparently this varies with each pregnancy because I don’t remember this happening with your brother! Either way, it is well worth the discomforts and un-pleasantries to be able to hold you in my arms in August!
Foy turned 4 and we had a fun birthday party for him! Your cousins Ian and Audrey and some of Foy’s close friends came over for a costume party to celebrate! Foy loves to dress in costumes and wears one just about every day so he was in heaven! He wore his Iron Man costume and everyone loved it! There was also a Tigger, a couple of princesses, Bat Girl, Super Dog, and Woody the Cowboy! Everyone had a great time and Foy got lots of fun games and toys to play with.
We also had Foy’s 4-year check up and he even wore his Spider Man costume to the Doctor’s office! He was a big hit and we definitely think the costume gave Foy some superpowers for when he had to get his shots. He was a brave boy and you are so lucky to have a big brother that will protect you!

Week 12:

YAY BMAKER!! We are almost into the second trimester! And judging by the size of my belly and how much it has grown this week you can tell!
I am so ready to have the belly that is out and proud showing Bamaker 2.0 is on the way! As fun as a prego belly is there are a few adjustments that I am having to make:
1. My favorite jeans are about to be put up for the winter. It is tough to find pants that are fitting without going to maternity pants so I have been wearing a lot of baggy drawstring cargos and dresses!
2. My skin is so DRY! Thank goodness for Good Fortune’s Shae Butter! I lather up every night before I go to bed so I don’t itch! Your big brother loves it too! He calls it his “ssage” (that is short for massage) lotion and he gets a “ssage” after his baths!
3. This is the best side effect of showing more…both your Daddy and Foy are showing more love towards you. They often rub the belly and say hello. Tonight before Foy went to bed he rubbed the belly to say goodnight to baby!
Foy also thinks you are going to be a baby brother so we shall see about that! Either way he says he is going to be the best big brother and the best helper. He told me that if I ask him to change your diaper he will do it! I am definitely going to hold him to that!

Week 11:

Foy and I had fun going through his old clothes and picking out ones that we think you might like. Foy has some yellow rain boots with monkeys on them that he had been wearing every time it rained, but when we tried to put them on the other day his toes were smushed because his feet have grown! He got excited and said, “Mommy we can save these for the baby!” He thinks you will like them as much as he has.

Foy also took the picture of you from your ultrasound to show his friends at school. He was SO proud walking up the ramp to school. He held the picture high and couldn’t wait to show his teachers. I could hear them squeal with excitement from the bottom of the ramp! Foy’s teachers love him so much and have been excited that he is going to be a big brother.

The other fun thing that happened this week is I went to my friend Tobi’s house. (She is adopting a girl named Ivey who we just know you will be great friends with!) She had a fun Girl’s Night where we set goals for 2012 and wrote them in a pretty book that we decorated. Luckily your Daddy and I had talked about what we want to do for the year so I was prepared! Here is what we came up with:

1. Have You!
2. Family Ski Trip in late February
3. Have a Family Date once per month
4. Have a Mommy-Daddy Date Night once a month
5. Family Beach Trip
6. Complete Sexual Health Education Certification
7. Take Yoga classes in my second trimester
8. Daddy wants to run the RAGNAR Race again
9. Move into the house on Lawson St by the end of June

We have a lot to do this year Bamaker, but it is all centered around you and your arrival! You are already such a blessing to us! Thank you for making us want to better parents for you and Foy!

Week 10:

What a crazy week of working, traveling, and planning! I went from 0 to 60 mph once January 1st hit and I think it was a bit much for you Bamaker! I was excited to get to CrossFit for the first workout of the year called, 2012. It was a series of exercises that equaled 2012. Lots of fun, but tiring!

Then I had my first Pure Romance party of the New Year on Tuesday and while I was so excited to be there I was so tired by 9:30pm. The ladies were so helpful in carrying my products for me and everyone was excited to hear that there is a baby in my tummy!

Then on Wednesday we headed to Crossville for an overnight Pure Romance Leaders Meeting to plan the year. We stayed up late talking so I didn’t get quite enough sleep. When I got home on Thursday night I was exhausted from the week…even though it wasn’t even over yet! Just before I went to bed I started having some cramping pains because I think you were tired too and telling me to slow down. I had a hard time sleeping because I was so worried about you! The next morning the Doctor was able to squeeze me in because they were a little worried too. Daddy came with me and when the Doctor did the ultrasound to see what you were up to we saw you wiggling around and heard a healthy heartbeat! We were so overjoyed and thankful you were okay! We even got a picture of you waving at us like you were saying, “what’s up Mom and Dad?! I’m fine!” We could see your little arms and legs moving around, just like your big brother did when he was in my tummy!

The Doctor told me I to be careful, get lots of sleep, and not to overdo it. I learned a lesson and your Daddy made sure that I got plenty of sleep the rest of the week. You are one lucky baby to have such a wonderful Daddy! He let me sleep in and has played with Foy, done the laundry, and cooked a lot to take the pressure off of me! Next week I will take it easier on your Bamaker, I promise!

Week 9:

What a fun week of traveling and adventures we had! Your Daddy, Big Brother and I piled in the “Mom Van” and headed to Memphis to see your Uncle Mike. We don’t get to see Mike as often as we would like so he was thoughtful enough to make a cardboard cutout so that he can always be with us on special occasions! He is such a funny guy! Cardboard Mike was even at the hospital when Foy was born so I am sure he will make an appearance to meet you in August!

While we were in Memphis we went to the Zoo and saw all kinds of animals. Foy’s favorite was the Polar Bear that was playing with a plastic snowman in the water. He was so much fun to watch! Then we went to lunch at a Thai food place in Memphis because I had such a craving for Thom Ka Ghai Soup…my favorite. After a much needed nap we all went downtown to see the Peabody Ducks swim in the hotel fountain. Foy loved seeing them and going on top of the hotel to see the sunset on Memphis.

We can’t wait to have you with us on our “Big Ad-Bentures” (that’s what Foy calls them). We have so much fun on our travels and know that with you it will be even better!

Oh, and one more exciting thing Bamaker 2.0, you will be so proud of your Mommy and Daddy! We have worked so hard to set goals for the past year. On the way back from Memphis we talked about all that we have accomplished in 2011. Here is what we are proud of:

1. We are most proud of conceiving YOU!
2. Daddy started Letterpressing more for a hobby
3. We took our Family Road trip to the Northeast for 3 weeks
4. Daddy’s business is successful and he doesn’t have to rely on anyone else!
5. Mommy made Sr. Board of Directors for Pure Romance!
6. Mommy stopped biting her nails!
7. Mommy did our taxes successfully – this was a huge task because she always said she was bad at taxes until she took the bull by the horns. We even received money back this year!
8. Both Mommy and Daddy lost weight and feel healthier than ever since starting Cross Fit in August.

We started setting our Goals for 2012 and will share those with you next week Bamaker. Many of them have to do with you!

This is going to be the happiest of New Years!

Week 8:

I am a little late on this entry because, well…I forgot! I would definitely say that the “Mommy Brain” has kicked in this week! We went to a restaurant and I left my debit card there! Woops! Then I went to the gym and left my water bottle. Lots of little things that I am normally on top of have gone by the way side. The reason I have “Mommy Brain” is not because of flightiness, but because I am consumed with thinking about you Bamaker! I have been thinking about how much fun we will have as a family and how we can’t wait to meet you!

The other exciting thing that happened this week is that we finally told Foy that he is going to be a big brother! He is very excited and asked how you were going to get out of my belly. Daddy and I told him, “very carefully.” And that Dr. Barker was going to help us. Foy got a special early Christmas gift from Santa that says, “Big Brother” on it. It looks like a football shirt, which he loved!

Week 7:

Wow, Little One! Even though you are just the size of a pea, I am feeling SO tired and queezy. I have been taking lots of naps and your Daddy has been very helpful in taking care of Foy and the household things that need to get done. We sent our Christmas cards out this week that announce your due date! Everyone is so happy and excited about you. Your grandparents can’t stop talking about it! You are going to have the best big brother too! Okay, I have to go lay down now….

Week 6:

We could not be any more excited about the news of you entering our life! I found out two days before Daddy’s birthday so I wrapped up the pregnancy test and gave it to him for his birthday. It was the best birthday present ever, he said! Our daily thoughts have been consumed of what life will be like in August of 2012 when we finally get to meet you! We are going to move back to our old house in Stuart Heights where you will have your own room. Your big brother, Foy will have a backyard to play in and we can all go to the pool together. There is a lot to do to get ready for you and our move!

I have been preparing my body for you for the past year, knowing that I wanted to be as healthy as possible to carry you for nine months. Your Daddy and I have been working
out and eating very healthy so we can keep up with you and Foy for many years! As a result of that I feel great! I can’t even tell I am pregnant! I am having a hard time sleeping
on my side, but I know I will get used to it. I went to the Doctor this week and all is well. He said that everything looks great and he is anxious to meet you too!



milo . 2.5 months old {nashville family photographers}

July 23rd, 2012

I went to high school and cheered with Milo’s mommy and I have not seen her since! It was so awesome to see her, her hubbie, Cody and their little guy! Aaah, this kid is so cute and this is such a fun age! Jessica, you are even more beautiful than ever, my friend! Your […]


I went to high school and cheered with Milo’s mommy and I have not seen her since! It was so awesome to see her, her hubbie, Cody and their little guy! Aaah, this kid is so cute and this is such a fun age! Jessica, you are even more beautiful than ever, my friend!

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We woke up really early, but it was all too worth it. I met up with Kyle and Kim on Vanderbilt’s campus nestled in the heart of downtown Nashville early Saturday morning at 6a.m. I am a tride and true night owl and consistently loath the morning, but this early morning wakeup call was seriously […]


We woke up really early, but it was all too worth it. I met up with Kyle and Kim on Vanderbilt’s campus nestled in the heart of downtown Nashville early Saturday morning at 6a.m. I am a tride and true night owl and consistently loath the morning, but this early morning wakeup call was seriously so worth it. Not only was the light amazing, but the temps were much milder at that time of day than the 100 degree temps that July afternoons have boasted as of late. Most importantly, Kyle and Kim were incredible together! They have such awesome natural attraction to each other. The entire session made me extra excited for their very soon August wedding!

Your slideshow :)





lila + carson . siblings {chattanooga family photographers}

July 13th, 2012

It’s not that I have run out of things to say about this family, it’s just their amazingness is hard to describe in mere words. . . seriously seriously seriously! The kiddos were being extra hilarious the day of the session. Carson was absolutely cracking me up with her little poses she kept doing! Love […]


It’s not that I have run out of things to say about this family, it’s just their amazingness is hard to describe in mere words. . . seriously seriously seriously! The kiddos were being extra hilarious the day of the session. Carson was absolutely cracking me up with her little poses she kept doing! Love them girls! Aaaa-kay…y’all know how much I adore you all so I will let the pictures do the remainder of the talking!! :) Your slideshow!!

Holy junk you guys…have you looked through your old pictures recently?!?! These girls have grown uuuuup! Very first session with Carson, prepping for Lila, Lila’s birth, Newborn Lila, 3 month old Lila, 7 month old Lila.

PS: If you haven’t seen one of my previous posts with this family where I have given a shout out to their wedding cinematography biz , Limestone Films, then be sure to go check them out right NOW! What I would give to have had them around 10 years ago when Jimmy and I got married. We did have the honor of them doing our promo video. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already and if you already have then do it again :)