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It is the most amazing honor ever as a pro-photographer to photograph another pro-photographer (Check out Grant and Sara Dotson’s amazing work here : Dotson Studios). I have had the great privilege of documenting them now for the second time and let me tell you, I would love to document these four every single day!! Ella has completely burst out of her shell. She has the most amazing little personality! My favorite thing she did was become our “iternary director”. She went from room to room with her little Hello Kitty Notebook and told us how things were going to go down. It was hilarious! She also is such a great big sister. She loves her brother a lot, but she is also okay for some solo playtime where she spends her moments imagining and pretending. Owen is just the most smiley laid back dude you will ever meet. What a perfect little fourth addition to this family. We just played and had fun and it was amazing! I love the result of our time together and I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a little while making this slideshow.  Ah gheez, I am such a sap these days! I love family love!!

Thanks Dotson Fam!!!

Your slideshow :)

Flashback to session numero uno.

What Sara said about Owen: His smiles are the most beautiful thing! They warm my heart so much! I also love how hard he’s trying right now to crawl, pull up, and talk. He wants more than he can do…I think he’ll be there soon! :)

What Sara said about Ella: I love her imagination right now. She plays so well and makes up kinds of scenarios, friends, everything. It’s amazing. I also love how she loves on her brother.

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  1. Betty Dotson says:

    Enjoyed spending a day in pictures with this happy family.

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