bike bavaria 2012 . germany // part one {international travels}

Do you remember that 10 day sojourn we took to Germany back in Sepetember? Well, this week we were finally able to get together for a Germany reunion night with our fellow adventurers and dear friends, Robert and Aston Miles to share our goodies from the trip.  Here is the first of 6 blog posts regarding the trip.

The guys, Jimmy and Robert, took the first part of the trip as a bike journey along the Romantic Road. Starting in Wuerzburg and ending in Fussen at the base of the Swiss Alps. Aston and I soaked in the subpar (KIDDING!) views along the way!! Here are a few “real” camera pics from along the way, but be sure to check out the full journey here documented via our iphones.

Germany Part 1: Bike Bavaria

Germany Part 2: Robert and Aston // Fussen

Germany Part 3: Curling and a Coffee Shop

Germany Part 4: Robert + Aston // Fussen

Germany Part 5: Robert + Aston // Zugspitze / Austria & Munich / Germany

Germany Vow Renewal Film: 10 years and counting // our vow renewal film

Germany iphone documentation: The full story



 Bike Bavaria 2012


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