robert + aston . just because session // part two {fussen / germany}

Along the journey we did a couple of photo sessions of our rad friends. We love these two immeasurable as far as friendship is concerned our cup runneth over and seriously as if that is not enough, they are also incredible incredible filmmakers. While we were in Fussen they documented our 10 year vow renewal. We will never ever ever ever ever ever be able to repay you for the ridiculously amazing film you two did of our vow renewal. Blog friends, you have GOT to check it out!!!! If you do not cry you are heartless (kidding kidding, kinda :) :) :) Limestone Films baby, our vow renewal.

…and back to our regularly scheduled amazing friends. Love y’all, allotalottalotta!!!

Germany Part 1: Bike Bavaria

Germany Part 2: Robert and Aston // Fussen

Germany Part 3: Curling and a Coffee Shop

Germany Part 4: Robert + Aston // Fussen

Germany Part 5: Robert + Aston // Zugspitze / Austria & Munich / Germany

Germany Vow Renewal Film: 10 years and counting // our vow renewal film

Germany iphone documentation: The full story



















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