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It’s Miss Ellie again! I had soo much fun with these three at Ellie’s newborn session, but I must admit, I had even more fun at this session. Ellie is hilarious and adorable. She started making the most adorable little old lady face while I was there. It is hysterical and just plain cute. Her little personality has really started to blossom. She is so sweet, content, and is either smiling or doing her sweet little old lady face at any given moment. Her big brown eyes are gorgeous. Her parents call them doe eyes and rightly so. Love you Ellie and can’t wait to see you again!!

Ellie’s 6month old session slideshow!



What Joni loves about Ellie:
-I love when she studies her hands
-when she grabs her feet
-when she sees Matt or myself in the mornings in her crib
-after I nurse her…she reaches for my mouth and smiles
-when she sucks her thumb
-Matt loves when she squeals at him
-We both love her eyes…they are big, brown doe eyes :-)
I have to agree…all this makes for a pretty stinkin’ adorable little girl!!!











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