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Konnor arrived and it was so amazing to meet him. He is soooo cute! There is nothing like getting to document a snugly little newborn baby and snuggle Konnor did, with both his mommy and daddy. It’s like Konnor has always been a part of this little family. He is the perfect little fit. Even, Gus, the family long haired dachshund, is a fan of this newborn baby addition to this family. So excited to spend the next year with you all!!

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Kayla said…
I love so many things about thia stage but these are the things I love most about Konnor in his newborn stage:
-when he cries his bottom lip quivers
-the cute little whistling sound he makes when he breaths
-the sounds and faces he makes when he sleeps.
-the little wrinkles he gets on his forehead when he raises his eyebrows
-when he falls asleep on my chest
-listening to Kenny talk to him when he thinks I’m not listening.
-the way he smells


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