ivey . a homecoming

I have sat down here numerous times to write this blogpost. This is the first time I have been able to do so without completely loosing it emotionally.

Our dear friends, Corey and Tobi have waited nine years to bring this little girl home. They have had the heart of a daddy and mommy and now their dream has finally come true. You have been prayed for, loved and longed for, for so long, Ivey Weldon and now the waiting is over. You have fulfilled so many dreams. The failed adoption attempts make a little more sense now, if it happened previously then it would not have been you, would not have been “Ivey”. YOU are the one they (we all) have been waiting for.

If you see these three together, you will look at them and think as is if it has always been….as if they have always been a family of three (plus furbabies :), because they just fit!! We love you Ivey Weldon and are so excited to watch you grow up under the roof of your radiantly loving mommy and daddy! Love you all to absolute bits!!

Here is The ridiculously long slideshow. When we are talking about a precious little soul who has been waited on for so long there are just no shortcuts!! :) So utterly honored to have been there as Ivey arrived home for the very first time and capture the love of those who were waiting for her arrival.

Instead of choosing a “real camera” photo from the slideshow, I chose an iphone pic (a first on the blog, I believe), bc I just love this one of these three. It perfectly suits their fun-loving personalities!! :) “Trigger-Finger” Corey :) haha!



Ivey’s complete adoption story by Tobi

Bring Ivey Home Photo Session with Cory and Tobi

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