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elliot moses . the birth {chattanooga birth photography}

August 2nd, 2011

I have known this family for a long time now and photographed them many many times and have loved every second of it. I love the rawness of their family relationship. They are real. They are fun. They are silly together. They sing songs. They dance together. They love. This day there was not as […]


I have known this family for a long time now and photographed them many many times and have loved every second of it. I love the rawness of their family relationship. They are real. They are fun. They are silly together. They sing songs. They dance together. They love. This day there was not as much sing-songing and dancing as normal, but love there was. To capture this new love was absolutely amazing. A family of four becoming a family of five. . .twins girls the first time around and now a teeny tiny baby boy…an addition of absolute beautiful perfection. Thank you thank you thank you for entrusting me with documenting the birth of your son. Every moment was absolutely amazing. Aaron and Jodi, you guys did amazing!!! xoxoxo

As of February this year I have had 2 cesarean sections myself (c-sections). While I have had the immense pleasure of  photographing several births, this was the very first time for me to document a c-section. The process may be a little different, but the same colossal miracle is produced in the end…an incredibly huge miracle of a t-tiny baby.

Now get ready for a re-donk-u-lously long blog post and to get an even closer glimpse of the day’s emotion be sure to check out brand new baby Cabeen’s slideshow HERE.

These two have wordless conversations with each other. Excited? Most definitely!

One last hug before Jodi headed in solo with the doctors to get her spinal.

While Jodi was getting her spinal, Aaron was suiting up to head into the operating room.

Jodi’s reaction as her hubby, mom and myself walk into the room. I think she’s got her game face on :)

Several nurses on call and ready for baby Cabeen as soon as he made his debut. There were lots of people in the room. I think I counted 16 at one point plus baby Cabeen of course :)

Jodi was abs0lutely radiant the entire time. Her big beautiful clear eyes always convey her current emotion. At this point it was excitement and anticipation I believe.

Aaron got the first peek of his son.

Here is my first peek. The little guy was getting suctioned out as baby’s do.

. . .and there he was. . .beautiful beautiful baby boy. An astonishing miracle for certain!

The doctor immediately took the little guy around the curtain to meet his mommy.


Beautiful Jodi laying her eyes on her son for the very first time. Shrill excitement was soon followed by tears of joy!

amazing amazing amazing!…and absolutely adorable! If you have never seen a fresh out baby, let me forewarn you that most of them are not very cute the day of. How could they be really? They have been squished up, squeezed and wrinkled for 9 whole months :) The day my little guy was born back in February, I told him that he was not that cute today, but he would be cute tomorrow and that is the truth :) The day of baby Cabeen’s birth I even confessed that baby C was cuter on day 1 than my very own:)  Seriously, this kid is cute :)

 Jodi, you are gorgeous. You are seriously not suppose to look this good after giving birth.


tiny little foot

I love your pure elation on the birth of your brand new baby boy!


I love how peaceful Jodi is among all the action in the room.





Jodi. . .you are beautiful!!! (Have a mentioned that?!?)


wrapped up and ready to be snuggled (first swaddle)

 Jodi holds her little guy for the very first time. I believe this is the point that Baby Cabeen was named.

…and he shall be called “Elliot Moses Cabeen” Love it!


 Jodi’s OB takes a look at the excitement :)

I failed to mentioned that Mr. Elliot cried incessantly until he was in his mommy’s arms and hearing her speak. A sound that was so very familiar to him. A sound that brought him great comfort and made him feel right at home. He looks mighty comfy in his mommy’s arms.

First family portrait (minus Elliot’s big sisters). Jodi, you are killing me with your beauty!!



 Cabeen takes a turn :)

I think it is safe to say it is love at first sight!

Jodi could not take her eyes off these boys!


 One more once over before leaving the operating room.

 precious little five fingered hand

equally precious, five toed foot :)





sweet mommy kisses



So Elliot’s big sisters were in the waiting room waiting patiently on his arrival. Lucy read while Ava checked out the slideshow of the last session I did of the girls.

Aaron gave them a small sweet pep talked and then whisked them down the hall for the big sister/little brother introduction.



Not exactly sure what to think.

. . but definitely had some cute commentary that made everyone including Jodi laugh A-LOT :) I am glad Jodi was still numb from her spinal or else that would have been one painful post surgery belly laugh :)

Elliot was headed to the nursery for his first bath, but Honey caught a glimpse of him headed down the hallway. Love her reaction! Everyone else came out to get their first look as well. Both Jodi and Aaron’s parents, Jodi’s sister and the twins, of course :)

congrats congrats congrats you guys! Love that there are even more Cabeen babies in the world now….the world is a better place because of it! :) Much much love!!!


reid anthony . the birth {chattanooga newborn photographer}

June 27th, 2011

There is absolutely nothing in the world like the miracle of birth.  At a week short of our baby’s 4 month birthday I had the incredible opportunity to document the birth of Reid Anthony Hendon. Just a few short weeks ago I met up with Reid’s mommy and daddy for a maternity shoot. They were […]

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There is absolutely nothing in the world like the miracle of birth.  At a week short of our baby’s 4 month birthday I had the incredible opportunity to document the birth of Reid Anthony Hendon. Just a few short weeks ago I met up with Reid’s mommy and daddy for a maternity shoot. They were so very ready to meet their little guy then and day of his birth was nothing different. Induction started at 5am for Ruthann so it was a very long day for the expecting parents, but less than 24 hours of Labor the first time around is definitely not to shabby. Ruthann was so very tough. She definitely experienced some incredible moments of pain and hours of pushing, but she powered through it. The day was filled with all sorts of emotion. Anticipation, laughter, tears of laughter and even some of worry. The worry came immediately after Reid’s entrance to the world. He waited to try out his new voice, the sound a brand new mommy knows to listen for. The doctor assured Ruthann and Tony that their son was fine, but just having a little bit of a hard time. It was a scary several moments that literally felt like hours. In the end they had a beautiful newborn to snuggle and love!

I generally have the hardest time narrowing down pictures for a blog post and a birth is definitely no different. Every time I skip over a shot I feel like I am skipping over a portion of the story, which in return serves the narrative an injustice. If I were a writer I would not specialize in writing synopses. So here is my attempt at the day’s highlights. Be sure to watch the slideshow for a fuller encounter :)


The mood was light when I arrived. Smiling faces and just excitement to meet their little guy. These two were close before, but I think it is safe to say through their experience together on Father’s Day 2011 they drew even closer.


Ruthann’s mom was in the labor and delivery room the entire time. With her 20+ years professional experience in labor and delivery she had much wisdom to share with Ruthann, not to mention her encouragement as a mother. She continually journaled the day’s highlights.

Ruthann’s OB was awesome. He continually had something funny to say. Whenever the mood got too tense he was sure to lighten it, but when it was time to get down to business he was certainly capable of doing that too.

Dr. Childs: Example A :)

This was Ruthann’s team for the entire day. Her hubby, sister and mother. Aforementioned, her mother worked in L&D for years, her sister is a RN who is back in school to become a nurse practitioner (correct me if I am wrong) and  Tony become an honorary OB that day (he was on it!) These three fed Ruthann ice chips, gave her popsicles, held her hand, gave encouraging words, gave massages, got her cold washcloths, called doctors, journaled and that is just to name a few. Don’t worry, even with all of that, Ruthann still did all the work, but her support group empowered her to do so. It was beautiful to watch to say the least!

Tony was a wonderful coach. Encouragement when needed coupled with silent support.

These two were completely in sync.

Working through her pitocin contractions

2 generations of men waiting on welcoming in the third. The Hendon name is going to be passed down at last.

Smiles are back again after some relief from the epidural.

Ruthann’s mother and friend, Avery are timing contractions. 1 minute to 1.5 minutes apart at this point.

Some love and encouragement from one of Ruthann’s little nephews.


and some comic relief from her little niece (many sweet pictures of her in slideshow)

I believe this is some “rose bud” talk :)

Smiles turn into. . .

tense contractions within mere moments. . .

Ruthann plateaued at 6 cms for a long time.

Encouraging words and prayers from her husband enabled Ruthann to cope through the contractions.

During the peak of contractions, Ruthann’s mother read this verse to her as an encouraging word to get her through the pain. . .

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” Malachi 3:10

. . .

Tears immediately streamed down the faces of those listening.



The contractions continued and the epidural continued to wear off.


It was finally time to starting pushing and boy did Ruthann push. . .for hours. If she never called herself an endurance athlete, well she was that day!!

Mother and her two daughters. Ruthann twists her hair out of habit and to bring comfort. I believe this day it was to bring comfort.

Ruthann was absolutely amazing!

After hours of pushing, Reid Anthony made his entrance at last at 11:08pm. I love Dr. Childs’ face as he helps this little guy into the world.

At last, the waiting was over. Their little guy had finally arrived.

Tears of relief coupled with. . .

those of worry. She had yet to hear her son cry.

A quick squeeze from Tony after Dr. Childs assures them a slow start yes, but their son was going to be fine.

I was unable to photograph the beginnings of Reid with the nurses due to his slow start. I ran to take some quick pics and hurried them back over to Ruthann so she could take a look at her son. Here is the almost 8 pound little guy!

A view from afar as the nurses continued to help Reid get going.

At last, Reid was doing much better and I was invited over to continue documenting.

Ruthann awaits the first time she is able to hold her sweet baby boy.

tiny newness is so very amazing. . .

A brand new squishy newborn face. It is wild how different babies look even after a mere 24 hours.

stretching from fingers to toes


He is in her arms at last which of course bring tears of joy!


Love this sweet new little family of three


Inspecting every little feature :)

Those squishy little brand new newborn eyes :)


Reid was making those little sounds that newborns make letting everyone know that he may still have some gunk in his little mouth. Thankful for nurses who have done it a million times over :)

Love his little profile.

SO adorable!

Some daddy son time while the nurses took care of mommy.

Nurses did another inspection of the little guy. Tony could not leave his little guy’s side :)



Smooching on that sweet baby boy. There is nothing softer than newborn skin.

Seriously so cute!



Gosh, Ruthann you look amazing!!!


Sleeping adorableness!

So as I mentioned, I am not good at picking out only the highlights so I know this was long, but I hope that you love. Can’t wait to see you three oh-so-soon. I am so excited about our next year together! Thank you three! Much much love!!!